Projected Image Portfolio Night

As has become our custom on nights like this we’ll be splitting our meeting into two halves.

The first half will be the third of our portfolio nights of the year.

We’ll be holding a group discussion to review the projected images portfolio from theĀ Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU)

These portfolios are made up of images taken from across the many photographic societies that make up the L&CPU and are a good way of seeing what work is currently taking place across the region.

For the second half of the evening everyone is encouraged to bring in an image or other bit of photographic work (either print or digital file) to show people and discuss.

Competition Deadline …

This week is also the deadline for entries for our Annual Projected Images competition!

Members may submit up to:

  • 2 projected images in colour
  • 2 projected images in monochrome

New images, or entries from the 3 previous monthly competitions may be submitted, either in colour or mono.

The full rules and details can be found on our Competition Rules page.