Flash Portrait Workshop – Tomorrow!

We have a few places left for our Summer Flash Portrait Workshop tomorrow at the Gregson Centre in Lancaster.

John Aldred is leading the 1 day workshop and will covering the basics of portrait photography using off camera flashes. The workshop will run from 11am till 5pm with a short break for lunch.

The Gregson Centre is at 33 Moorgate, Moor Lane, Lancaster, LA1 3PY.


The morning is going to be mostly dedicated to theory with a few practical examples. After lunch everybody will get to have a go at shooting with different lighting setups. Graham Binns has graciously offered to help out too, so hopefully we should be able to get two full lighting setups together so everybody gets a bit more time shooting.

Sarah Read Portrait by John Aldred

Sarah Read Portrait by John Aldred

Our model for the day will be Sarah Read

We’ll be covering a little bit of lighting theory (not too much because it can get a bit technical and boring – unless people want to get technical), some “rules” (well, they’re more guidelines really), so that everybody can understand what’s happening when they move a light here or there or add this modifiery or that modifier once we start shooting.

We’re assuming everybody’s shooting either Nikon or Canon, which is great. We’ll be using Nikon flashes, but the setup will allow them to be compatible with both (but there are extra tricks I can show the Nikon shooters). If you’re using something else like a Sony, or any other camera that doesn’t have a standard hotshoe socket or a PC sync socket, let us know and I’ll see if we can figure out an adapter to make it work.

On the day, all you’ll need is your camera and a lens. If you’re on a full frame body, we recommend something at least 70mm, and on a crop body at least a 50mm. If you have something a bit longer, bring that along too. John will be primarily using a 70-200mm, and this is the lens he uses for 99% of his portrait work.

Any questions, or to book a place, please  drop John an email, or ask on the Facebook group.