Competition One – Round Up

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a summary of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their increasingly irregular social scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

The President of the Society, Christian Cable introduced Neil Pascoe CPAGB as the judge for the first of the competitions of the season. Neil is a member of Hassra Fylde Photographic Society and a keen landscape and pictorial worker. His criteria for adjudication incuded looking for dynamic angles and impact of an exhibited image.


Colour Prints – Highly Commended

  1. ‘In the Pink’ – Sheenagh Crumley
  2. ‘Val Gardena, Italian Dolomites’ – Syd Cumbus
  3. ‘All Set’ – Peter Fishwick

Colour Prints – Commended

  1. ‘Fill her up’ and ‘Falcon’ both Peter Fishwick
  2. ‘Liverpool Street Busker’ and ‘Bumble Bee’ both Alan Hartley
  3. ‘Only seen at low water’ – Chris Thoume

Monochrome Prints – Highly Commended

  1. ‘Schwararzenstein, South Tyrol, Italy’ – Alan Hartley

Monochrome Prints – Commended

  1. ‘Watertight’ – Sheenagh Crumley
  2. ‘High on the London Eye’ – Vic Crumley
  3. ‘Euskotran No 407, Bilbao’ and ‘The Opera House, Bordeaux’ both Syd Cumbus

Digital Projected Images (Colour) – Highly Commended

  1. ‘Evening Reflections’ – John Aldred
  2. ‘Bistort with Caterpillar’ – Alan Hartley

Digital Projected Images (Colour) – Commended

  1. ‘Easter’ – Christian Cable
  2. ‘Looking down on You’ – Sally Anderson
  3. ‘Rusty Flower’ and ‘Rusty Wire’ both Sheenagh Crumley
  4. ‘Budle Bay’ – Vic Crumley
  5. ‘Leopard’ – Mike Atkinson

Digital Projected Images (Monochrome) – Highly Commended

  1. ‘Oi! – get off’ and ‘Do I smell dinner’ both John Aldred
  2. ‘Saxon Church’ – Mike Atkinson

Digital Projected Images (Monocrome) – Commended

  1. ‘Zebra’ – Mike Atkinson
  2. ‘Building Shapes’ and ‘Fallen Petals’ both Sheenagh Crumley
  3. ‘Hawthorn Tree’ – Alan Hartley

The vote of thanks was proposed by Christian Cable.