‘Making Images’ – the Art and Craft of Photography – Round Up

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a summary of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their increasingly irregular social scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

The President of the Society, Christian Cable introduced Rod and Margaret Smith from Horton-in-Ribblesdale and who are members of Settle Photographic Society to present their lecture entitled ‘Making Images’ – the Art and Craft of Photography. Both Rod and Margaret are teachers of Photography in Skipton, Settle and many of the villages of the Yorkshire Dales.

Part 1 consided of projected digital images in colour and monochrome to illustrate the art of the medium using the construction tools of making a good picture. These included looking for lines, shapes, patterns, form, light and texture and being in control by skilful use of the lens focal length, shutter, aperture and depth of field. Rod demonstrated using Photoshop CS3 how contrast makes impact on an image, especially in black and white. Margaret then showed members how to change the perspective by firstly taking a photograph with a wide angle lens and then a second of the same image from a different viewpoint and then combining the two images using layers Photoshop.

Part 2 used members projected images and the speakers demonstrated how they could be improved and altered by various techniques in Photoshop, especially by reference to levels. Members commented upon the results and whether or not they liked the changed photograph.

Bill Wilcockson proposed a well deserved vote of thanks for a most interesting and instructive evening.