Colour Portfolio – Round Up

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their increasingly irregular social scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website. This week’s column was guest written by Christian Cable

This week at Lancaster Photographic Society the Society reviewed, discussed and critiqued the latest colour print portfolio from the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union.

The portfolio was made up of sixty of the best images produced by photographic clubs across Lancashire, Cheshire and the Isle of Man. The images showcased a variety of styles and techniques with subjects ranging from stunning landscapes to gothic portraiture.

As always with any artistic discussion the evening was full of lively debate. Members discussed what makes a powerful image and what they would have done differently in the place of the photographers. Viewing the work of other photographers is a great way to improve your own photographic eye and these discussions are always popular.

Lancaster Photographic Society meets 7:30pm each Wednesday evening at Greaves Methodist Church.

The next meeting will be after the Christmas break on the 4th of January.

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