Some Christmas Fun

Our next meeting isn’t until the 4th of January so here are a few quick and easy tips and projects from across the internet to keep you snapping over the Christmas break.

Create your own Twinkle Lights

Heart Bokeh by Yenna -

Heart Bokeh by Yenna

One way of adding a seasonal feel to an image is to include some of the festive lighting found in our streets and our homes. With some black card and a few minutes you can easily add your own shapes and designs to these lights.

Read DIY’s Photography’s guide on How to Create Your Own Bokeh

How to take great pictures of Christmas Lights

Taking effective images of Christmas lights is more tricky than it first may seem. Luckily the Strobist has an excellent guide on How to Photograph Christmas Lights.

And Finally …

Don’t forget that our first meeting back on the 4th of January is also the deadline to our third Competition of the season.

Many thanks to all those who braved the weather (and the noise!) to attend our Christmas meal. Mandy has posted a few photos from the event over on our facebook group.

Have a brilliant Christmas and I’ll see you all in the New Year.