Competition Three – Round Up

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their social scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

The third competition of the winter season was judged by Harry Emmett, a member of Accrington Camera Club. Harry provided good analysis of each image presented and commented on how he would change some of the photographs in Photoshop.

Results as follows:-

Colour Prints – Highly Commended

  • ‘Damsel Fly on Rush and ‘Burg Al Khalif Tower, Dubai’ both by Allan Hartley

Colour Prints – Commended

  • ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – Sheenagh Crumley
  • ‘Eleven’ and ‘Shoe Shop’ both by Peter Fishwick
  • ‘Frankincense Trader’ – Allan Hartley

Monochrome Prints – Commended

  • ‘Arches’ and ‘Dandelion Clock’ both by Allan Hartley

Colour Digital Projected Images – Highly Commended

  • ‘Watch me go!’ – John Aldred
  • ‘Grace and Vulnerability’ – Graham Binns
  • ‘Peacock Butterfly on Michaelmas Daisy’ – Sheenagh Crumley

Colour Digital Projected Images – Commended

  • ‘Lavatera Flower’ and ‘Nicola & Chittipong’ both by Sally Anderson
  • ‘Amber’ – Graham Binns
  • ‘Door Knocker’ – Syd Cumbus
  • ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Watching You’ both by Allan Hartley
  • ‘Water Drops’ – Colin Yates

Monochrome Digital Projected Images – Highly Commended

  • ‘Noir’ – Graham Binns
  • ‘Sarah’ – Mandy Foreman

Monochrome Digital Projected Images – Commended

  • ‘Strength’ – Graham Binns
  • ‘Contemplation’ – ‘Tattooist’ – ‘Sing your Heart Out’ all by Martin Rathbone
  • ‘Dahlia in the rain’ – Sheenagh Crumley
  • ‘True Grit’ – Allan Hartley

The Vote of Thanks was given by Vic Crumley