Perfect Light – Lee Metcalf

This week’s guest speaker is Lee Metcalf with his ‘Perfect Light’ talk.

Lee is a Lancaster based photographer with a real passion for capturing the light of dawn and dusk. He specialises in landscape photography, seeking out new locations and waiting for that special moment when ‘the light is right’ before capturing his vision.

As many members will recall Lee’s ‘Perfect Light’ exhibition was at Lancaster’s 1725 earlier this year and was met with great success.

You can view a selection of Lee’s work on his online gallery.

Reminder to members:

This week is the entry deadline for the Annual Print Competition.

Please give Vic your prints at the meeting. You can enter up to 6 images. Three colour and three monochrome printed images. Images may be of any subject. Images can be from previous monthly competition. View our Competition Rules.

Meeting Details:

  • Wednesday 25th January; 7:30pm
  • Lancaster Methodist Church (aka Greaves Methodist Church) – directions