An Evening of Photographic Entertainment and Bargains – Round Up

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their social scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

The Society meeting this week was divided into two parts, with presentations by two members.

Chris Thoume gave a talk entitled ‘Land of the Morning Calm’ describing his recent visit to South Korea. The modernistic architecture of the capital city, Seoul was shown along with the vibrant markets selling Asian specialities and great varieties of fish. Photographs of the monsoon rains which are frequent in Seoul confirmed why the country is so verdant with forests and national parks. A visit was made to the second city of the country, Pusan, some 400 miles south of the capital. Here we saw the port facilities, the fisherman’s village and images of some of the 17 miles of bridges connecting the islands and forming a coastal highway. A call was made at a Folk Village where Chris showed images of local sculptures. Pusan was also the home of the Korean Film Festival and the Grand Prix Circuit.

David Moorhouse provided the second presentation entitled ‘Images from the River Lune’. David is a member of the Lancaster Anglers Association, a group of some 250 members who fish from the Crook of Lune to the confluence of the River Wenning at Aughton in a season beginning on February 1st and ending on October 31st each year. He spoke of the salmon hatchery at Sedbergh and how some 100,000 eggs are stripped every year. Of the 600 or so salmon caught each season most are returned to the river to aid conservation. The brief talk was followed by an audio-visual  presentation showing the beauty of the Lune in all seasons and included images of some of the Atlantic Salmon caught in past years.

Part two of the evening was devoted to a Bring & Buy Sale of photographic equipment with Chris Thoume acting as auctioneer. Equipment offered for sale included many film cameras, filters, flash guns, tripods and redundant holdalls. The proceeds of the sale benefited the Society.

The vote of thanks to Chris and David was proposed by the President, Christian Cable.