Annual Projected Image Competition – Round Up

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their social scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

The annual projected image competition was judged by John Fletcher C.A.P.G.B. from Longridge. John is a a member of Ribblesdale Camera Club and specializes in wild life and natural history images.

Results of the competition as follows:-

Digital Projected images – Colour

Highly Commended

  1. ‘Let me see your war face’ – John Aldred
  2. ‘Looking down on you’ – Sally Anderson
  3. ‘Water Seller’ – Nick Dagger
  4. ‘Bistort & Caterpillar’ and ‘Watching you!’ both by Allan Hartley


  1. ‘Night in the Park’ and ‘Fire in the Sky’ both by John Aldred
  2. ‘Evening Contemplation’ – Sally Anderson
  3. ’Storm Sky over the Bay’ and ‘Woodland Walk’ both by Vic Crumley
  4. ‘Happy 30th Birthday’ – Nick Dagger
  5. ‘Hong Kong Harbour’ – Allan Hartley
  6. ‘Cold as Stone’ – ‘Bethruthan Steps, Cornwall’ and Mullion Church interior’ all by David Moorhouse
  7. ‘Puffin’ – Ruth Wood

Winner of the best image in the colour section was John Aldred for his photograph ‘Let me see your war face’

Digital Projected Images – Monochrome

Highly Commended

  1. ‘Sand patterns’ – Sally Anderson
  2. ‘Going up!’ – Nick Dagger
  3. ‘The Tree’ – Allan Hartley
  4. ’Contemplation’ – Martin Rathbone


  1. ‘Dawn by the River’ – John Aldred
  2. ‘St. Paul’s & St. Martin’s Timber Church’ – Sally Anderson
  3. ‘Dahlia in rain’ – ‘In need of repair’ and ‘Building Shapes’ all by Sheenagh Crumley
  4. ‘House on the Hill’ – Vic Crumley
  5. ‘Wedding car 1915 style’ – Syd Cumbus
  6. ’But who got the Holeshot?’ and ‘Through the windscreen’ both by Mandy Foreman
  7. ’Schreckhorn’ and ‘True Grit’ ‘both by Allan Hartley
  8. ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Atlantic Teeth’ both by David Moorhouse
  9. ‘Sing your heart out’ – Martin Rathbone

Winner of the best image in the monochrome section was Allan Hartley for his photograph of ’The Tree’

A warm vote of thanks to the judge was proposed by the President, Christian Cable.