The season so far…

Sunshine on crocus © Sheenagh Crumley

Sunshine on crocus © Sheenagh Crumley

We’re had a great start to the new season and we’re really pleased with how much people have enjoyed our talks so far.

Our Press Officer, Syd Cumbus writes a regular piece for the Lancaster Guardian’s social scene column and we’re pleased to be able to offer these recaps on the website too.

Week 2: The Constructed Image

Recent meetings of the Society have included a visit from Andrew Brooks, a freelance photographer from Manchester who delivered a lecture entitled The Constructed Image.

Andrew operates in the world of commercial photography with commissions from the BBC in Media City, Salford and also producing posters for architectural clients by using digital imaging and Photoshop CS 5 to manipulate images in new ways. His methods can involve taking up to 60 pictures of one scene and then using those images to build a finished picture. Andrew inserts the images manually with up to 38 layers on some. His talk was illustrated with finished photographs of commissions undertaken in Edinburgh, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tuscany, Spain, Holland and Australia.

The images can be viewed on

The vote of thanks was given by John Aldred.

Andrew has also very kindly published a number of videos where he talks about his work and his techniques. If you didn’t manage to attend his talk then be sure not to miss these.

Week 3: Flower Photography Tips

Snail on hosta leaf © Sheenagh Crumley

Snail on hosta leaf © Sheenagh Crumley

Sheenagh Crumley provided a technical lecture in the ‘How to series’ This helpful talk was on flower photography tips. Sheenagh has been interested in flower photography for many years and described the equipment she uses to make her images with sixteen mounted prints exhibited for members to peruse during the evening.

The lecture commenced with an audio visual presentation entitled ‘The Colours of Nature’ which showed her personal approach to the subject. Sheenagh discussed the advantages and disadvantages of SLR cameras and compact models and the correct use of her Manfrotto tripod.

In flower photography the importance of correct lighting was emphasised and images were projected to show the benefits of sunlight, cast shadows, backlighting and alterations to white balance. Mention was made of the benefit of reflectors, artificial backgrounds and flash in this medium.

Three further audio visual presentations were shown ‘The Garden in Summer’ , ‘The Gardens of Marrakech’ and ‘The Chinese Scholar Garden in Vancouver’

The vote of thanks was proposed by Syd Cumbus.

Thanks for everyone’s positive comments about the season so far. Both in person and on facebook.

I think we’ve got a great programme of events this year for people of all interests and levels. Thank you for helping make this into a great year and helping us in our mission to help Lancaster to make better photos.

There’s plenty more to come.