Last week’s meeting – Exotic Wildlife Photography

Exotic Wildlife Photography

Exotic Wildlife Photography

For many years we’ve provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their Social Scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website. This week’s review is written by Vic Crumley.

Lancaster Photographoc Society welcomed Sheila Davies, from Wilslow Guild Audio/Visual group, who showed a series of audio visual presentations on the filming of exotic animals. Sheila began by describing the preparations necessary for a safari or similar photographic trip, including a range of cameras and lenses, clothing and other equipment, while managing the overall weight because of the need to carry it over long distances.

After a number of practical tips based on her world-wide travelling experience, Sheila introduced her films. The first looked at Uganda, where she had filmed a large family of mountain gorillas at close quarters. In Alaska, she had taken made a close- up study of whales, with detailed sequences of the these fine creatures displaying themselves above the water. While in Alaska she also recorded detailed film of brown bears. From Madagascar she showed a series of rare and exotic creatures, some of which can be seen only on this beautiful island. In Borneo she had filmed orangutan at close quarters, and clearly illustrated the intelligence, agility and great character of these animals.

Sheila ended her presenttion with an autobiographical film of her interest in animals, which traced her own journey following the route of a Zoo Quest programme from the 1950s, and its portrayal of kimono dragons, which had inspired her interest in animals and led to her enthusiasm for photographing them. Nick Dagger expressed the Society’s appreciation of her photography, and led a cordial vote of thanks.