Last week’s meeting – Introduction to Flash Portrait Photography

Introduction to Flash Portrait Photography

Introduction to Flash Portrait Photography

Each week our Press Officer, Syd Cumbus, provides a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their Social Scene Column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

The first meeting of the New Year was given by member John Aldred who presented his lecture entitled ‘Introduction to Flash Portrait Photography’.

Part one was illustrated by visual images to list the many flash systems available to the photographer with the advantages and disadvantages of each system. These included the pop-up flash on the average compact camera to to Speedlites used either on or off SLR cameras and to studio strobe lights. John explained the correct use of optical slave units and radio triggers together with light modifiers and the use of soft boxes to eliminate shadows on models. John next projected diagrams of various key and rim light arrangements and how he adjusted these for effects in combination with reflectors.

Part two was a practical demonstration using a model and putting into use the theory explained in part one. John mostly used the 105mm portrait lens but with different ISO speeds and then showing the results immediately on a television monitor. Generally 1200th second at ƒ⁄8 would kill any ambient lighting and produce a satisfactory result. John demonstrated the effects with different modifiers and arrangements. Photographers who may be interested in John’s lecture can use his website

The Vote of Thanks was given by Vic Crumley who expressed the members appreciation for a most informative and interesting evening.

John has provided some additional resources and links for those who wish to learn more:

The Slides


Further Reading