’52 Postcards’ and ‘Labours of Love’ – Eleanor Postlethwaite of Photo Baby

Photo BabyOur first guest speaker of 2013 is Eleanor Postlethwaite of Photo Baby.

Photo Baby is Eleanor’s own photography business, and specialises in weddings, event photography and portraiture. She is based in Lancaster and has her own photography studio in Cumbria. She is an experienced teacher and runs a number of photography courses. Her commercial work concentrates on capturing those great moments between loved ones to produce images which people will treasure for a lifetime.

Eleanor is passionate about her photography and has produced a number of projects outside of her commercial work. Her talk this week is about two of those projects; ’52 Postcards’ and ‘Labours of Love’.

  • ’52 Postcards’ was an international project with many artists producing an image a week to build into a visual representation of the year.
  • Labours of Love’ is an portraiture project creating images of local business people surrounded by their passions and environment.

You can see a sample of Eleanor’s work on the Photo Baby Gallery as well as on her blog for examples of her Labours of Love and 52 Postcards projects

Meeting details

Everyone is welcome and your first two meetings as a guest to the Society are completely free of charge. Membership is £30 for the entire year or guests can continue to visit for just £3 per evening.