Last Week’s Meeting – ‘The Life and Times of a Photographer’ with Eleanor Postlethwaite

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their increasingly irregular social scene column. We’re please to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

Sally Anderson. President of the Society, introduced guest speaker Eleanor Postlethwaite, a self employed wedding and portrait photographer to present her lecture entitled ‘The Life and Times of a Photographer in 52 Postcards’. Eleanor is a self taught phototgrapher with a fine arts qualification and has studios in Lancaster and Ulverston.

Eleanor’s themes included capturing the moment, freezing it in time and keeping the image in an album for future generations. Her expertise with baby photography included finding a different image. With couples, she encouraged contact and wasn’t afraid to break the rules and experiment with focus.

Eleanor was also keen on having a project running along side her daily work, and this was usefil when she was instructing students. One of her ‘Film Noir’ projects was shown as part of her digitally presented talk.

Generally, her lecture was illustrated with images of her special ideas and good animal portraits for which she had to be very patient to achieve the winning shot. Most of her work was done using a Canon 5D Mk2 camera.

A vote of thanks was proposed by Christian Cable and endorsed by the members.

You can find Eleanor’s work over at Photo Baby; she is available for weddings, family portraits and workshops.