“Food Photography” and “Location Lighting” with Michael Sewell

Mackerel prepared by Russell Lee © Michael Sewell

Mackerel prepared by Russell Lee © Michael Sewell

This week we’ll be joined by our final guest speaker of the year, Michael Sewell.

Michael is a professional photographer with over thirty years in the business. His subject matter spans a multitude of interests including sports, commercial, weddings and corporate. This week Michael will be sharing two of his passions; Food Photography and Location Lighting.

Food photography

Food Photography is more than just images of food, as Michael says it “should capture the time, effort and passion that has gone into that particular dish.” Michael works with a number of restaurants producing images for their websites and menus.

For the first half of the evening Michael will share some of his work and some of the techniques he uses to produce mouthwatering food images.

We’re also very lucky this week to be joined by a few guests from the Clandestine Cake Club who have promised a to donate a “photogenic cake” to the evening’s activities. 🙂

If you’ve ever looked at a cook book and wished you knew how to create images that will make people hungry then this is the night!

Location Lighting

The Bridal Arch at the Dunkenhalgh © Michael Sewell

The Bridal Arch at the Dunkenhalgh © Michael Sewell

The success of any image is dependant on the light. As an accomplished portrait and commercial photographer Michael knows that one of the best ways to guarantee good light is to bring it with you.

Michael is an expert in location lighting and uses a portable lighting set up to ensure that no matter what the job or location is he can produce stunning images for his client. The second half of the evening is devoted to showing you the equipment and techniques he uses while shooting on location.

Michael writes for Lencarta, one of the UK’s leading photographic lighting manufacturers, producing tutorials and training materials for their website.

Meeting details

Everyone is welcome and your first two meetings as a guest to the Society are completely free of charge. Membership is £30 for the entire year or guests can continue to visit for just £3 per evening.