“A Place of Work” – Ian Beesley (Hons) FRPS

Redundant tyre fitter, Doncaster © Ian Beesley

Redundant tyre fitter, Doncaster © Ian Beesley

This week we are joined by social documentary photographer Ian Beesley.

Ian will be presenting his social documentary portfolio A Place of Work. This portfolio is a look back at the declining manufacturing industry of 1980s Britain. Documenting the final days of the mills, the mines, the steel works and the people who made those places their lives.

This is a powerful and sometimes tragic look at a proud working class way of life which has now almost completely vanished from Britain.

Ian’s work has been met with international acclaim. His work has been exhibited internationally and he is the Artist in Residence for Born in Bradford and for a five-year study on the effects of aging in Bristol. Ian is also the course leader for Masters in Photography course at the University of Bolton.

View a selection of Ian’s portfolios.

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