Don’t forget your camera it’s … “Project Night!”

Our first meeting of 2014 will be our Project Night.

Last Year's Project Night

Last Year’s Project Night

This time of year is usually a terrible time to venture out with your camera. It’s cold, there’s little light and it’s usually raining. That all sounds rubbish! So the aim of the Project Night is to ignore all that and have some fun and learn some new things with our cameras.

We will have a number of different projects and demos delivered by members of the Society. Some of these will be practical, hands-on projects and some will help you improve your photoshop skills. If the weather is not too terrible we will even have some practical work around the Castle.

Please bring your camera, lenses and a tripod if you have one!

Meeting details

This is our first meeting in our new venue at The Priory Hall.

Everyone is welcome and your first two meetings as a guest to the Society are completely free of charge. Membership is £30 for the entire year or guests can continue to visit for just £3 per evening.