Going beyond ‘Auto’ – John Aldred

© John Aldred

© John Aldred

This week we are learning to take our cameras out of ‘Auto’ mode with our own John Aldred.

John is a self professed lover of all things photographic and heads up his own photography business at JBC Media. JBC Media specialises in portraits and pet photography as well as running a number of popular photography workshops.

John will be turning his considerable talent towards helping us understand our cameras more. He’ll be showing us how our cameras see, interpret and record light and teach us how to move our mode dials beyond ‘Auto’. If you are new to photography, have a new camera or haven’t got around to reading your camera manual yet then this week is sure to be invaluable.

You can see a selection of John’s competition winning images in our gallery or learn more about him at JBC Media.

Meeting details

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