L&CPU Colour Portfolio: *You* be the Judge!

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The Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union

We’ll be holding another lively group discussion to review the Colour portfolio from the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU)

These portfolios are made up of images taken from across the many photographic societies that make up the L&CPU and are a good way of seeing what work is currently taking place across the region.

Take part in our Quick Fire Judging Panel

Every portfolio is the result of a panel of judges reviewing each image at speed. Often only a few seconds per image. The nature of this has inspired many a debate within the club as to what makes a “good image”; is it something impactful and immediate or something more subtle that takes time to grow in your mind?

Find out yourself by taking part in our quick fire mock judging panel and see how your scores compare with the L&CPU judges!

Meeting details

Everyone is welcome and your first two meetings as a guest to the Society are completely free of charge. Membership is at a reduced fee of £20 for the rest of the season or guests can continue to visit for just £3 per evening.