A Visit to the Morecambe Bay Movie Makers

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their Social Scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

For the latest meeting, Lancaster Photographic Society joined Morecambe Bay Movie Makers for a 50:50 evening. Lancaster exhibited a series of themed images arranged and presented by Vic Crumley as follows:

  1. Natural History showing animals, birds and flowers
  2. Buildings with architectural shots of famous landmarks
  3. Landscapes of Cornwall, Lake District and London
  4. Portraits, mostly photographed in monochrome
  5. A new members section exhibiting work from their portfolios

Mike Atkinson then showed a selection of Infra Red images of various neolithic sites plus the Ruskin Building at Lancaster University and landscapes showing the infra red effect on green.

The presentation finished with two ‘Pictures to EXE’ collections by Sheenagh Crumley entitled ‘Summer in the garden’ with music by Ludovico Eincudi and ‘Rusted, Ruined and Wrecked’ with music from Madame Butterfly by Puccini.

Morecambe Bay Movie Makers completed the evening by showing recently produced films taken by members as follows:-

  1. ‘Band across the Bay’ a club video to celebrate the 50 year career of guide Cedric Robinson in which the Leyland brass band played at Arnside, during the bay walk and at Kent’s Bank. The film was written, narrated and directed by Chris Abram.
  2. ‘Winter Images of Crosby’ a 3 minute film by Peter Parker of the Anthony Gormley statues on the beach at Crosby plus seascapes in winter.
  3. ‘Blackpool Belle’ a nostalgic look at the vintage trams at Blackpool by Mike Ellis
  4. ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ a 4 minute advertising film by Dave Weatherly. This was filmed on sailing vessels at Whitehaven.
  5. ‘Trainsport’ a short film by Roland Ward about a preserved steam railway in Derbyshire
  6. ‘Hidden Lancaster’ another film by Chris Abram showing buildings and parts of the city often overlooked by the public
  7. ‘Been There, Done That’ a short film about Thailand by Dave Weatherley

Thanks to Morecambe were expressed by Sally Anderson on behalf of Lancaster and Graeme Isherwood responded for Morecambe, both thanking members who had contributed to a very successful evening.