Soren Udby – The Digital Darkroom

This week we begin to address the big question in the minds of many members, ‘Which image editing programme should I use, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom?’ On Monday evening we will look at Adobe Photoshop with Soren Udby who is a society member. In an October meeting,  Alan Hartley provided an introduction to Lightroom.


Soren has been using ‘Photoshop’ for many years and developed his knowledge of the programme while working as a professional photographer in Denmark. Soren will guide us through the process from camera to final output. He will show us how he uses Adobe Bridge as his photo library/browsing tool and gateway to the huge Photoshop editing toolbox. Photoshop provides ultimate control—right down to the individual pixels – and it is undoubtedly the best image editor.

Soren will show, with examples of his own work, how he uses the advanced editing tools, and the powerful masks and layer system to enhance, improve, and blend images.