Annual General Meeting Minutes – 2011-13

Meeting Details:

  • Date: Wednesday 28 March 2012
  • Location: The Lower Hall, Greaves Church

Present: Christian Cable, Sally Anderson, Bill Wilcockson, Syd Cumbus, Sheenagh Crumley, Marion Wilcockson, Ruth Piearce, Mike Atkinson, Stephen Oates, Jackie Skinner, Vic Crumley, Mandy Foreman, John Aldred, Nick Dagger,

Apologies for absence: Chris Thoume

  1. Minutes of the AGM of 2011: these were presented and agreed to be an accurate record.

  2. Matters arising: in response to a question from Syd Cumbus, it was recognised that the possible existence of an archive at the City Museum has not been followed up. It was agreed that this must now be progressed.

  3. President’s report: the outgoing President, Christian Cable, presented his report for the year. He drew attention in particular to the use made to date of Fred Johnstone’s legacy, which had allowed for better visiting speakers, and the purchase of a portable exhibition system and a portrait lighting system, both of which will give improved facilities for the club and its members. Christian’s goal had been to make all the Society’s members feel more involved. He thought he had been partly successful, particularly through the development of the website as a source of information and publicity, and through the discussions on Folio nights. The outside visits, to Liverpool and Brimham Rocks, the exhibition and the portrait workshops, had all been successful developments. The programme had been of high standard, with the 50 year membership celebration for Syd Cumbus and Ruth Piearce a high spot. Christian offered thanks to those responsible for the programme, and for the refreshments, and acknowledged the support of the Committee.

  4. Programme Secretary’s report: Mike Atkinson briefly commented that he had tried to find some new speakers outside the L&CPU, and felt that this had been successful. The programme had suffered from congestion with too many competitions, including inter-club competitions, at the end of the season. This would be addressed in the next programme.

  5. Treasurer’s report: Bill Wilcockson reported that the Society has over £4,000 in the bank with a further £380 in a building society account. There are no immediate financial problems. However, costs are increasing across the board, including rent, speakers, insurance, L&CPU subs, and a shortfall of £300 is expected next year. It was acknowledged that such running costs cannot be regularly subsidised from balances, and Bill pointed out that increased income can only come from a larger membership or increases in subscriptions.

  6. Competition Secretary’s report: Vic Crumley reported on the year’s competitions. Participation has been improving, with 20 members submitting competition entries at some time in the season, well above previous years. The only reservation related to print competitions, in which numbers have dropped significantly as the numbers of digitally projected entries have increased; this was to be considered elsewhere on the agenda. Judges this year were mixed; a number of new faces were invited, some were good, but others were less so. Vic expressed gratitude to those long established judges who visit regularly, but were prepared to keep coming, sometimes at short notice.

  7. Next year’s competition theme: in his last act as President, Christian chose ‘The Seaside’ as the theme for next season’s themed competition.

  8. Election of President for 2012-13: It was proposed by Christian Cable and seconded by Vic Crumley that Sally Anderson should be President for the coming season; on a show of hands, Sally was unanimously elected. She thanked the Society for their trust in her, and looked forward to a busy and successful year. She also paid tribute to Christian’s successful leadership in the season now ending.

  9. Election of Officers: the following were elected or agreed to continue in post: Vice President, Mike Atkinson; Secretary, Sally Anderson (Mandy Foreman has subsequently offered to assist Sally with secretarial work during her presidential year); Competition Secretary, Vic Crumley; Treasurer, Bill Wilcockson; Programme Secretary, Christian Cable; other committee members Chris Thoume, John Aldred.

  10. Review of Print Competitions: The new president outlined the low recent support for print competitions, thought to be due to the increased cost involved, the amount of work by comparison with projected images, and the changing age structure and photographic background of the membership. The results of a brief survey of members about options for change were described; most wanted to reduce the number of print competitions. It was stressed that there was no intention to abandon print competitions, and that prints would continue to be essential to the annual exhibition. The options of (1)reducing the number of monthly print competitions, and (2)ending the monthly print competitions while retaining an annual print competition, were discussed. The meeting voted 12-2 in favour of discontinuing monthly competitions while retaining an annual competition . It was agreed that this arrangement is for the coming season only, and will be reviewed at the next AGM. It was further agreed that any consequential changes to trophies and awards would be considered by the committee.

  11. Extension of Season: The president reported on Committee discussions about extending the season, to increase the interest in the Society, and to guard against losing newer members after the long summer break. In discussion, members recognised advantages, including the use of long light nights for outdoor meetings and practical evenings, and disadvantages, such as increased rent for premises. After discussion it was agreed to extend next season by one month; the season will begin on the first Wednesday of October 2012, and run until the first Wednesday in May 2013. This will be reviewed at the next AGM.

  12. Fees for 2012-13 In the light of these changes, it was proposed from the Chair that fees for the coming season should remain at £30, but that if the coming year’s activities were not self-financing, an increase would be levied for the following season.

  13. Summer visits: Following the success of this year’s visits, it was agreed to arrange visits to Liverpool, Hodge Close and Glasgow. Members were invited to sign expressions of interest; details will be circulated on the website and by e-mail.

  14. Any Other Business: The president referred to the themed sweatshirts used by Morecambe Moviemakers. While opinions about these were mixed, it was agreed that Nick Dagger would look at a possible design for a LPS sweatshirt. Nick also referred to the creation of a book of photographs of the annual exhibition, to be offered for sale on-line, with profits used to help to raise funds. Nick would investigate these and discuss the technology implications with John Aldred.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm.