Photographic Society Exhibition Opens This Weekend

The 2014 Lancaster Photography Society Exhibition opens this weekend. This year we Annual Exhibition 2014return to St. Nic’s shopping arcade in the unit facing Next.

The exhibition is open each Saturday and Wednesday from 10am until the 20th of September.

On show this year we a selection of prints showcasing some of the best images taken by members of the society.

Come along and see the photographs. Meet and get advice from the photographers. See how Lancaster Photographic Society can help you take better pictures.

St Nicholas Arcades
Lancaster Gate
LA1 1NB – find this on google maps

August – 23, 27, 30
September – 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20

Summer BBQ

This weekend Mike and Sally hosted the Society Summer BBQ to great success.

It was also a chance to say farewell to our friends Vic and Sheenagh Crumley who will soon be leaving Lancaster for adventures new. Between them the Crumleys have taken on almost all of the committee’s posts over the years. Their efforts and passion and have played a large hand in making the Society the success it is today.

The Lancaster Photographic Society Summer BBQ 2014

The Lancaster Photographic Society Summer BBQ 2014

Stay tuned to the website, facebook or pop an email to us for news of any events, trips and meetups. Our regular Wednesday night photographic meetings will return on September 17th.

Award Winners 2013-14

Elk by Ruth Wood

Elk by Ruth Wood. Winner of this year’s Best Colour Image in the Projected Image Competition

The Society recently held our annual award dinner for the 2013–14 season at NICE in Lancaster.

The President, Sally Anderson, presented trophies to winning members as follows…

Photographer of the Year Competition

The Fred Johnstone Memorial Trophy for Photographer of the Year
Mike Atkinson and Sheenagh Crumley
The Centenary Trophy for runner up Photographer of the Year
Dave Moorhouse

Annual Projected Image Competition

The Anderson Trophy for the Best Colour Image
Ruth Wood
The Past Presidents’ Trophy for the Best Monochrome Image
Allan Hartley

Annual Print Competition

The Syd Cumbus Trophy for the Best Print of the Competition
Sheenagh Crumley
The Bob & Kath Marsh Trophy for the Best Monochrome Print
Sheenagh Crumley
The Ruth Berry Trophy for the Runner-up Best Print and Best Colour Print
John Metcalfe
The Alan Cooper Trophy for the Best Landscape Print
Mike Atkinson

Other Awards

The Ron Atkinson Trophy for the Lancaster and District Competition
Dave Moorhouse
Beginner’s Cup for Most Promising Member
Joe Marshall

Congratulations to all of our winners this year.

It was gratifying to see such a good result for Sheenagh who will be departing for pastures new over the next couple of months and will be sadly leaving the Society.

We have much to be proud of with a bumper crop of competition images this year and many of those from new members.

You can see many of the images from this year’s competitions on our competitions gallery.

Photographic events at Lancaster University

Over the next fortnight Lancaster University’s campus is host to a series of arts events as part of LICA’s (Lancaster Institute for the Creative Arts) Curate the Campus festival.

The festival includes two events, one photographic and one inspired by photography, which will be of interest to photographers. So why not add these to your diary.

Both of these events are free of charge.

Lahore to Chandigargh

Lahore to Chandigargh is an exhibition of 200 photographs by artist William Titley. The Pakistani and Indian cities are represented by 100 images each, captured when Titley visited in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Free artist’s talk – 3pm this Thursday (2nd May)
St Nicholas Arcade – Lancaster City Centre

Exhibition will be in Lancaster City Centre 2nd May and on the Lancaster University Campus (register on the day at the Peter Scott Gallery) 9th & 10th May.

More details about Lahore to Chandigargh


Inspired by the scientific process of X-ray crystallography, Fevered Sleep’s most delicate piece for adults weaves together dance, light, music and photography. Stilled is performed for both a human audience and for a bank of silent, all-seeing pinhole cameras.

2nd May 5pm – 8pm and Friday 3rd May 11am- 5pm.
Nuffield Theatre – Lancaster University

More details about Stilled

Keep in Touch

If you want to be keep up with events throughout the Summer please sign up to our mailing list by sending an email to

An evening with Morecambe Bay Movie Makers

Stone Bird at Morecambe Bay © Christian Cable

Stone Bird at Morecambe Bay © Christian Cable

This week we’ll be once again joined by our friends from the Morecambe Bay Movie Makers. We’re holding a joint evening of photographic and film-making delights featuring presentations, films and slideshows from both clubs.

The Morecambe Movie Makers are a group of independent local film-makers with interests and experience in a wide range of film-making techniques, from cine-photography and animation through to digital editing, image manipulation and post processing.

As the worlds of photography and film-making grow closer and closer we find that we’ve got much to learn from each other. We hold a shared evening every year with each club taking a turn to host. This year is our turn to host the evening so please bring cakes and snacks to share and enjoy.

To squeeze everyone in this week we shall be in the Upper Hall of the church, so please use the main enterance rather than our usual the Kensington Road entrance.

Meeting Details:

Everyone is welcome and your first two meetings as a guest to the Society are completely free of charge. Membership is £30 for the entire year or guests can continue to visit for just £3 per evening.

  • Wednesday 14th November; 7:30pm
  • Lancaster Methodist Church (aka Greaves Methodist Church) – Upper Hall – directions

Last week’s meeting, a Torchlight Procession and the Christmas Meal

Last Week’s Meeting

Our Press Officer, Syd Cumbus writes a regular piece for the Lancaster Guardian’s social scene column and we’re pleased to be able to offer these recaps on the website too.

Sally Anderson, President of the Society presented the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union Monochrome Portfolio which had been selected from the higher scoring images in the annual exhibition of 2012 and from images which represented the L&C P U in the 2011 PAGB federation print competition. Clubs taking part include all affiliated societies within Lancashire, Cheshire and the Isle of Man. Adjudicators for the 2012 Annual Competition were:-

  • Malcolm Kus ARPS
  • Tony Wharton FRPS
  • Peter McCloskey FRPS

For the first part of the evening 39 prints were shown and members allowed to comment on the presented images. For the second part of the evening groups of three members judged the remaining prints in the manner of the official judges, having just 15 seconds to view each photograph and marking it out of 5. The members results agreed mostly with the official deliberations.

An interesting evening where members could learn from viewing exhibition photographs. The next meeting on October 31st will be the first competition of the winter season.

Christmas Meal

As October draws to a close and the days become dark and cold we’ve started to think about Christmas. This year the Christmas meal will be held at The Mill at Conder Green on Wednesday 19th December. If you are interested in attending then Sally will be collecting deposits of £5 per head in the meeting. Members are free to bring their partners. To whet your appetite you can view their Christmas Menu.

Phoenix from the Ashes

The Dukes has organised an illuminated walk along Lancaster Canal on the evenings of Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of October.

These walks feature a series of beautiful audio and visual displays and are sure to be of photographic interest. The route is the stretch of canal between Moor Lane and the Water Witch. More information about the walks can be found at the Dukes website.

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2012

The International Garden Photographer of the Year is the world’s premier competition and exhibition specialising in garden, plant and botanical photography. This exhibition is hosted in the gallery at the Rheged Centre near Penrith. This marks the first time the exhibition has been shown outside London and comes soon after its recent showing at Kew.

With awards for nine categories, including those for children, the exhibition will showcase stunning images by world-class professional photographers and amateur hobbyists alike.

The exhibition is open daily 10:30am to 4:30pm until Sunday the 1st of July.

Admission to the gallery is £2.00 and there’s no charge for children under 16.

View more information about the exhibition can be found on the Rheged Centre website.

President’s Evening 2012 – Round Up

For many years Syd Cumbus has provided a brief review of the week’s meeting to the Lancaster Guardian for their social scene column. We’re now very happy to be able to also present these round ups on the website.

The last formal meeting of the season was presented by

Blue Sky over the Bullring

Blue Sky over the Bullring

Christian Cable for his ‘President’s Evening’. The lecture was about the advantages and disadvantages of digital photography.

Christian started by commenting on former methods of storing images using film which was processed in a darkroom and prints or transparencies made which were safe for archival files. With digital images which are stored in a computer and are not as safe Digital images need constant back up because of the possible failure of the hard disc which has an approximate life of five years and the life of DVD’s which last about ten years. Christian advocated using the 3 – 2 – 1 rule which stated that it was best to keep three copies of each photograph with one away from the computer.

Christian followed his introduction with a series of digital photographs of subjects of particular interest to him including:-

  • The seaside with images of Blackpool, Morecambe and Plymouth
  • Transport showing moving traffic, London Underground stations, Trains and escalators
  • The subject ‘Abandoned’ showing derelict buildings, closed shops with old fasciasStreet Art showing graffiti
  • The sky with images of clouds and spectacular sunsets
  • Food with photographs of peppers and pasta
  • A German village in the wine growing area of the Mittel Mosel showing the landscape of vines in winter

Part two of the talk analysed the advantages of digital imaging in which images were captured by a sensor to a memory card then processed in a computer using Photoshop, but rarely printed. This was in complete contrast to film in which all images taken were usually printed and stored.

Sunset over Morecambe Bay

Sunset over Morecambe Bay

Christian commented on how digital processing was powered by integrated computer circuits. It was interesting to note recent history, in which Gordon Moore, of Intel evolved, in 1965 what has become known as Moore’s Law which states that the number of components in an integrated circuit doubles every two years and this expotential improvement has increased speed of processing, all with components which have become smaller and faster. A good example being the latest iPhone which produces superior image quality over cameras manufactured just a few years ago. As technology advances the cost of cameras have also fallen with the Canon 350D of 2005 costing almost twice as much as the newer Canon 600D of 2011.

The vote of thanks to the President for an informative and most interesting evening was given by Sally Anderson.

Many thanks to Syd for providing this summary.

Here are the slides from my President’s Evening talks along with some links to further reading and software. If you have any corrections or suggestions then please let me know and I shall update these.


References and links for more information

Part 1

Part 2