Summer Season Programme

At the ‘end of season’ meeting we looked at an outline summer programme and indicated that we would come back to members to gauge levels of interest in the various proposals outlined. 

Ongoing Informal Feedback Meetings aka Monday evenings in the merchants pub, from 8.00 is a standing invitation to anyone who likes beer as much as photography and wants to catch up with other members for a social pint and a chat about photography and other things. if you are at a loose end and fancy a pint drop in! 


In order to gauge interest in the photographic and natural history outings I am inviting you to look at the information below, decide on the outings that appeal to you and let me know what these are and when they are convenient to your own diary. I will then pass on your preferences to the those leading the outings and get back to you directly with specific dates, times and the other domestic details. Clearly, it will be helpful if you can be flexible with your availability. you can sign-up for as many of the outings as you want  – the organised outings can be a helpful introduction to shooting locations that you can return to on your own with knowledge and confidence about parking locations, walking routes, shooting points etc. you can make your own way to the starting points or join others by car sharing.

Grasmere and Blea Tarn with John Leech our 2016/17 season opening speaker: a long exposure work shop early afternoon to sunset; packed lunches, pub post mortem. this is programmed for Sunday April 23rd, there a couple of places still available. car share, the cost is circa £50.

River Lune south of St Georges Key with Barry Cooper who was formerly a scientific officer with the RSPB:  a guided walk introducing members to the birdlife on the lower reaches of the Lune, species behaviours, migrating patterns, feeding habits etc; camera not essential. Barry is keen that this takes place when bird numbers are at their best and this is therefore programmed for Monday April 24th, Tuesday April 25th, 6.30pm start or Saturday April 29, 8.00 am start. we will probably end the evening in the Wagon and Horses on the quay. there is no fee

Hodge Close, Cathedral Quarry, Slater’s bridge with Mike Atkinson Leader : landscape and macro insect photography; full day, packed lunch or pub lunch, car share. this can be programmed for Saturday June 3rd or Saturday June 10th car share, there is no fee

Feizor, Bluebell woods and more with Alan Hartley Leader: a guided photographic walk with instruction; full day, lunch at Elaines Tea Room, car share. mid-week or weekend in late May, car share, no fee.

Norbec erratic and/or Twistleton Scar boulders with Alan Hartley : guided photographic walk with instruction; full day, packed lunch or pub lunch, car share. this can be programmed for mid-week or weekend either late May or early June.

Steam trains on the Settle Carlisle Line with Alan Hartley : guided photographic walk with instruction, packed lunch or pub lunch, car share. this can be programmed for a Tuesday or Wednesday through may to late June.

Feedback by: following the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the page, ‘word of mouth’ or carrier pigeon.

Bests, Reg Haslam

And Winner Is…

For those members who missed the ‘Final Meet of the Season’, aka the AGM, and indeed, for  those members attended the excellent meeting but who, like myself, couldn’t quite see all the detail on all the slides – here are the results (sound of a gold envelope being torn open)…

The Season’s Top Scorers 

Below is a link to a table of the top scorers of the 2016-2017 season:

Top Scorers 2016-2017

Annual Trophy Awards

And a list to the winners of the prestigious Annual Trophy Awards:

Annual Trophy Awards 2016-2017

And Finally…

All there agreed it had been a very good year with some good contributions from the new members.

The tuxedos and gowns were glittering, but I can’t remember much about the after show party – so it must have been good.

End of Season Meeting

We will wind up the Winter season with image shows by Dave Bleasdale, announcement of the 2016/17 competition results and cup winners, and the results of the members’ survey in terms of speaker and workshop preferences for the upcoming season. We will also look ahead to the summer recess, to a programme of events and photographic ‘walk-abouts’ and to the start date and structure of the 2017/18 season. Members will be provided with information about the changing make-up of the committee and finances of the Society.

There will be opportunities for discussion and questions throughout the evening.

Darren Andrews – Paces, Portraits and Photograms

Darren is a locally based Freelance Photographer and Film Maker. He has worked for national and local newspapers and magazines and now specialises in freelance assignments. His impressive portfolio of work has featured in exhibitions and galleries throughout the UK including two solo shows in London and he has work in the Royal Photographic Society Archive. Darren is also a qualified tutor.darren

Sue Berry – Capturing the Feelings that Lie Beneath the Surface

Sue serves on the committee of the Bury Photographic Society. She is passionate about being true to herself and following her own vision in creating photographic images that are dark, dramatic and moody, minimalistic and light. Her portfolio embraces a wide range of photographic genres; landscape, architecture, urban exploration, nature, street, graffiti/street art.

just-bw1Much of her work is black and white as she believes that the removal of colour strips away any distractions and simplifies the subject to reveal its core – the part that is central to its existence, the bare necessities.