Competitions Overview

Society Competition Calender update V006 (08 September 2016) is ready for download by your image preparer software.

The Society prides itself on being a friendly group of people all with a common interest in capturing and creating images.  Experienced members are more than willing to provide practical guidance to those less experienced.  We hold regular competitions throughout the year to give members an opportunity to put their new found skills into practice.and are a great way to improve and get feedback on your photography.

We use visiting judges who provide constructive feedback on all entries and allocate either Commended or Highly Commended awards to about 10 – 15% in each award category. These awards help you to accumulate points,

This year we are offering the following cups:

  • Photographer of Year
  • Runner Up Photographer of the Year
  • Landscape Digital Image
  • President Challenge – British Weather Digital Image
  • Best Annual Print – Colour & Mono
  • Best Annual DPI – Colour & Mono
  • Beginners Cup

This year we are running the following types of competitions:

  • Digitally Projected Images (DPI)
    • All images must be 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high in size
    • See programme for details
    • See guidelines for submission of images
  • Printed Images
      • Prints to be presented  on a card up to and not exceeding 40 cm x 50 cm
      • DPI of prints must presented with the prints
      • See programme for details of print workshops
      • Please see competition guidelines for details,
    • Annual Print Competition
      • Prints must be presented on a card 40 x 50 cm,.
      • DPI of prints must be provided with the prints
      • Please see competition guidelines for details
  • Inter-club Competitions.
    • A competition sub-committee select DPIs from the last 2 years.
    • We make a point of ensuring no one person contributes more than 3 or 4 images / prints so our entry represents our club.

Competition Guidelines

Due to the number of entries we can receive we have developed, in consultation with our members some rules to help you optimise your enjoyment of the competitions.Please check competition categories for any details specific to a competition.

  1. The norm has been to submit 2 colour and 2 mono images / print in each competition.  Some competitions are less popular than others so this limit has been removed temporarily. We aim to submit about 80 images / prints to our judges. To aid in achieving a balance you must prioritise which images / prints you wish to us to submit.
    1. If too many entries are submitted, those with the lowest priority will be held back and may be submitted in future competitions. (see naming guidelines below).
  2. You must submit a digital image for each entry for both DPI and Print competitions. This allows us to submit your prints and images on your behalf for inter-club competitions. If you do not wish to happen please let us know immediately.
  3. Your image / print should not have previously received an award or any kind unless you are entering an image for EITHER the Annual Print  or Annual DPI  in which case only entries from the current season may be offered.
  4. We have free software available that will prepare you DPI images to the standard below. You are not obliged to use the software but your files will be rejected if they do not conform to the standard below.
    1. NOTE: Society Competition Calendar Update V006 dated 08 September 2016 available for download by your LPS Entry Preparer software.
  5. DPI File Standard:
    1. All submitted images must be JPEG images that are 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high, with a resolution greater than 250 pixels/ inch, whether your original image is portrait or landscape. You must add a black border as required to pad out to the required size. There is guidance on the society website at
    2. Projected images must be submitted on a pen drive that is clearly marked with the competitor’s name.
    3. Please put image files in a competition folder (e.g. Comp1)which has a colour and mono sub folder. (e.g mono or colour)
    4. Each image should be labelled as follows <initials>-<Preference>-<Title>.jpg
      1. initials of your name
      2. Preference – 01 = preferred entry; 02 = if entry permit to be entered.
      3. Title: SHORT title 3 – 4 words.
      4. e.g. JAM-01-Morecambe Sunset.jpg (Please keep your titles to no more than 3 or 4 words.)