We’ve created various software applications that simplify some common tasks and hopefully cut down on the amount of computer expertise you’ll need. We’ll add to the collection over time, so if you have ideas for something that would make life easier for you, please let us know!

Members’ Entry Preparer Application

This application runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. We don’t have versions available for Windows XP or for Macintoshes.

The Entry Preparer is an application that helps you select the images you want to enter for a competition, and prepares them to comply with the competition rules. It doesn’t do any image editing, so you’ll still need to use Photoshop or your favourite image processing software for that.

You’re not required to use the application, of course, but we think it will make life easier for you and mean that you can concentrate on the photography and not worry about the computery work. And having all the entries submitted in a standard form certainly makes life easier for the Competition Secretary.

So what does the application do for you? Well, it:

  • Gives you a list of the upcoming competitions with details of the submission dates and other information.
  • Lets you choose from your prepared images and build up your collection of entries.
  • Resizes any images that aren’t at the required size of 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high.
  • Lets you set the titles you want for each entry

And finally, when you’ve got your entries just how you want them, the application will automatically write them to a USB stick which you can hand in.

The links below let you download the setup file for the latest version. You just need to download this and run it, and the application will be set up for.

There’s also a link to a “Getting Started” guide that explains how to install the application and get working with it.